About Hope

About Hope

Like a Trusted Member of the Family
Like a Trusted Member of the Family

Our Mission

We are committed to the provision of compassionate care to our patients and their families. We believe that each individual should be provided the opportunity to transition in a dignified manner. Our focus is to provide our patients with physical, spiritual and emotional support, allowing them to live a full and comfortable life through God’s grace.


Through our focus on Comfort, Caring, & Compassion, our core values of Integrity, Dignity, and Stewardship can be seen in our contact with our patients, their families and our community.


While death is a natural occurrence, dying itself can be a major life crisis. The Hospice of Hope staff believes in the innate value of human life, in the potential for self-growth during and after times of crisis, and in the right of each human being the freedom of choice.

Styles of coping with crisis and stress vary widely among individuals. Hospice is based on a holistic view of each patient, with attention to the physical, psychological, and interpersonal needs as defined by the patient and family.

The primary goal is comfort care and quality of life after reasonable measures for cure have failed. Specifically, this means keeping patients alert, comfortable, and pain-free in the place of their choice, in the manner that they wish, and to give them the support needed to live and die in their own way, while maintaining their dignity.

Another goal is to identify patient/family needs and then design intervention that will fulfill those needs. The Hospice of Hope staff supports existing coping methods or provides guidance in the development of alternatives.

Hospice care is provided through the collaborative efforts of an interdisciplinary team. Hospice care can be practiced in any setting (home, hospital, extended care facility), given acknowledgement of the importance of the Hospice philosophy. At Hospice of Hope that philosophy is the guiding focus of care.

Our Management Team:


OFFICE:   (901) 756-7322


Much of Nathan’s time has been devoted to philanthropy and community service.  This includes District Governor for Rotary, Chamber of Commerce Chairman’s Circle, University of Tennessee Health Science Center Board of Visitors, former Board member of Shelby Farms and Greater Memphis Greenline.  Four years ago Nathan was given an opportunity to become involved with Hospice of Hope.  This has now become his main focus as Hospice of Hope provides one of the best opportunities to be of service to our community.

  • Resident of Memphis, Tennessee
  • Graduate of University of Tennessee
  • Owner and President of companies involved in Agriculture,Realestate, Health Care, and Construction, including the construction of health care facilities.


OFFICE:   (901) 756-7322


Patricia was born and raised in Memphis. Then after 17 years of travel (with her military husband), she came back home and has lived in Tennessee and Mississippi since then.



  • San Jose State University  –  Master’s Degree in Community Health Nursing and Nursing Administration
  • California State University  –  Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Over 30 Years Nursing Experience including:

  • Emergency Room Nursing
  • Coronary Care Nursing
  • Home Health & Hospice
  • Home Health and Hospice start-up for hospitals and free standing facilities

SHERRY KNIGHT | Chief Administrative Officer

OFFICE:   (901) 756-7322


Sherry has worked in the healthcare industry for 20 plus years. She has worked with the company for 15 years. She oversees the Human Resources department and payroll.